Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Enjoying my Saturday

Saturday was a good day! So I chilled out most of the morning, I was really tired from the game from the night before, hahahhaha I still haven't put those pics up ummmm I might do that after this post. So I went to my all time favorite place , Panera Bread, ( Yes I am in love with this place).Then after this most awesome lunch I spent the rest day with my very cute very smart for 5 years old godson. Ummm can I say Little kids especially this one have loads of energy. I actually think I was sore on Sunday from running around on the play ground with him. We were there for like 3 hours and he only want to play with me. hahahahah I was glad I was able to go down the slides with him. So after that we went to my house so I can do his hair, but I felt bad because he wanted to play with a toy car or train or something and I had none, there are no kids that live my house. Next time we will pack some of his toys. But I had soooooooo much Fun!!!! So until next time.

My favorite pic.
Ain't he cute( For you homie yes I am sending you all the pics I took just incase you see this before I send them)

Ok these cookies are ummmmmmmmm yummy yummmy so so serious


  1. he is adorable! Just had lunch at panera on sunday! bbq chicken salad was delish!!!


  2. Oh and he is so entertaining. Whaaaa you went to panera I thought I tired you out on Panera. I am not sure if we have that dish on our menu. Ummmm I going to check that sounds so good!