Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sweet treat

Ok, so I thought that I would have nothing to post today and BAM! I found something very interesting. Back story: One of my mother's old students came by her office yesterday to say what's up and fill her in on what she was currently doing. (My mom use to run a science scholarship program for minorities) She told my mother that here mother had successfully dyed her hair with henna. ( I was just talking about that the other day, look how God works, well I will save that for another post) Then she told her that she is baking now and has her own company in town. It's called Bite of your Life, check her out. So I was excited because I look at cake and cupcake blogs pretty often. So I visited the site and came across the shop that sells flavored fondant. Cool! and it is located in Savannah. I left there in 2008 but the shop has been there since 2007, How could I have missed it. Well any way that the reason for this post. 482 this is for you too! Enjoy! So I checked out this shop and it looks cool. Sweet!

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