Sunday, August 2, 2009

Serger frustration!!!!

Ok, so I have used a serger before, but I have never threaded one. Ugghhhhhhhhh so frustrating!
I have done the threading like a million times and it is still too loose. I kinda don't know what to do. My friend that lent it to me was like oh no I don't have the manual but it's really easy to thread and use.( yeah right! I really need the manual cause I know I am not threading it right. I have tried to find the manual on line but can not find a free one and the people in town act like they can't show you how to use it unless you brought one from them. Now I called my home girl and she suggested that the I have the silver things in the back way up. I did that and then I realized I threading around the knobs instead of through them. ( that help a little) But the bottom thread still is loose and I have tried everything I know and asked all those who I know. I am just really pist about the manual and frustrated that it's I can not thread it. It doesn't matter the show must go on. There are other ways to clean up rough edges.


  1. You'll figure it out..cheer up. Maybe you can do an overedge stitch on your raw edges :)


  2. how do you do that Do you need a overedge foot for the sewing machine? ughhhhhh so frustrating!!!