Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Next Food Network Star

Yes! I am a food network fanatic. I have been watching the food next work since they were on PBS. I love it! I have a greater appreciation for food and know heck of lot about different ingredients that I put in my food. Really great stuff. So of course I watch the show the next food network star and I didn't see the finale, but so bummed out cause Jeffery Saad didn't win. I really like his personality and would have love to follow him in the food network. Any Who, Congrats! Melissa and I will be looking for you. For you Food Network Crazies like I am their was a Red Lobster Challenge on episode 8. Click link to watch. They were to make a dish using the Wood grill to cook it and the winner was to have there dish on the Red Lobster menu. So of course Jeffery won. So now skipping along. I went Red Lobster and ask the waitress where it was on the menu. To my surprise she was a Foodie too. She had actually tasted the dish. So I ordered it. It was so good. A little too spicy for me but very good.It's called Wood Grilled Tilapia in a spicy Soy Broth, Click the link for the recipe. It had scallops shrimp and the tilapia, with pickled ginger on top. Now you don' t have to eat it all if you don't want but I suggest you try everything. Sorry Jeffery I was rooting for you, but your recipe was delicious UMMMMMMM UMMMMM!

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