Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh, Last Friday of Freedom

So, during the summer my place of employment implemented this four day work week. Let me tell you this schedule was not for me. We work 10 hour days with 30 min lunches and being on OPS it sucks because you are being paid by the hour. So you are technically working a 10 1/2 hour day because you do not get a payed 30 min lunch like regularly paid employees do( I work for a university as a photographer and other media positions, just in case you didn't know) Well enough of the gripping. Well last Friday was my last free Friday so of course I enjoyed like always. Chillin Out. First I went to Keiser College, I wanted to check out their culinary pastry art program. I was really excited about it but now I have to find some money. I will not worry I will just Let God handle that and ask Jesus to put in a good word for me. *smile* Well after that I went to Panera( of course) for lunch. So yummmy! Then I chilled out at home. It is raining like crazy here in Florida, at least in Tallahassee it is.Then I had to go to work at 4:00( bummer, last friday off and I am at a graduation where they really didn't need my help but it worked out any way. ) So at about six It started. At about 7 something it was over and about 8something I was stuck in traffic and about 9 something I went to Tropical Smoothie. (There berry lemonade smoothie is wonderful. You should try it! If there is one near you) Now Saturday night I was at home and decide a me time date night( My man was out of town). I got all dressed up and put on some make up( hopefully I will get better with the application of it) and headed out to RED LOBSTER. I had a great time talking with Melaine the bar tender, I sit at the bar sometimes if I am eating alone. She was awesome. So here are some pics from my well spent and enjoyed Friday and Saturday. Can not wait to hear from my home girl this week, she was in NYC this weekend. Fun!
Doesn't that look delish! See the Keiser College folder in the background.Date Night begins!
Food was fabulous!

Date night success! I wanted to go to the movie but was full and tired so off to the house I went.

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