Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Behold! Local Talent

In my quest to find local talent of all sorts. I came across some local cake decorators and wedding planners were to the same caliber of what I see on TV and in Magazines so it's kinda exciting. Well I will post about that another time. Now we are going to one of my favorite finds local Photographers. I have three today. I found them on cake blogs and wedding planning blogs so here we go.

This image is from Lewis Johnson Photography's website

First there is Lewis Johnson. He has a really good website( at least in my opinion) He photographed my really good friends wedding and since then I have checked out his work and it looks like he just keeps getting better and better. He has sound compositions and does a very good job of capturing the emotions of the moment. Definitely learn more about him by clicking here.

This image is from Jonathan Allian website

Next we have Jonathan Allian. He has a very commercial look to his photographs( yeah he does commercial shots also )Each photography looks as if it belongs in a magazine. The best thing about it is that these are not models but actual happy people that he has composed in the very relax, but very sophisticated photograph. His images are just great for eye candy. Learn more about him click here.

This image is from Kimel Photography's website.

Lastly we have Kris Kimel of Kimel Photography. She has a really soft and angelic way of photographing her subjects. She uses a lot of natural light. Each photography has elements of simplicity and calmness even when them moment is super exciting. I really appreciate her simplicity. Learn more about click here.

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