Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Atlanta last weekend

I was in Atlanta last weekend. I was not on vacation though. My parents and I went to a retirement party for my mother's mentor and her husband. I was the professional photographer for the event. Ummmmm I have been photographing a lot of stuff maybe I should have a blog of just that stuff. What do you think? Well back on topic. I had an alright time. Not a great time. I enjoyed the event but was disappointed with Atlanta's hotel service. We stayed at the Buckhead Intercontential Hotel.( They paid for my hotel. Now wasn't that sweet) Now this is suppose to be a ritzy hotel. Now when we first got there the women said she needed a $100 deposit and when we asked her if we could use our debit as credit and she was like no. That was the first sign of trouble. We asked why and she was like if it is not a credit card then it would run it as debit also it was $100 a day, we were staying 2 days. I was like nah, but luck the people that hire me said they would take care of it. Then there was alcohol spilled in my parents room and we called immediately and they never came up the whole time we were there. Then if you have to pay so much to stay there why do you have to pay for everything parking was $20 a day, using the Internet for $ 3.50 for like 30min. No refrigerator and no microwave. They did have some beautiful art work though. Well any way here are some pics from the trip.

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