Monday, June 15, 2009

Just thinking Ummm

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I was just think of things that I love. Those things in life that make you stop and appreciate being alive. For me some of those things are:

1. Sitting on a porch while it's raining. I live in the south and it's something about the rain. I would sit in the house and watch the rain. Peace.

2.Getting out of the car late at night and noticing it's a clear night and every star in the sky is out. Sometimes I just stop and stare.

3. Having a good conversation with an old friend.

4. Family Reunions. Grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausages. Talking to my cousins I haven't seen in years. I love seeing older cousins they have great stories.

5.Talking to my Grandma. She is so cool and I love spending time with her.

6. Walking around after it rains.

7. When a friend and I can laugh so hard at a joke that would only be funny to us. My boyfriend and I have so many.


  1. hmmm....sitting on the porch after it rains and starry nights. Only in the south:)


  2. mmmmm, I can FEEL all of these things in my heart, and they feel so good!! Lets keep our eyes open to the beauty and blessings in every single moment, because every space is a sacred space, and every breath is a miracle. Breathe deep!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty, Janine!

    Love you!

  3. Yep only in the south and I love it. I try to always keep my eyes open don't want to miss anything God is trying to give me, And Tina that is profound cause every breath is truly a miracle. Tina thanks for the beautiful words.