Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh those tallahasse Photographers!!

The Gallery Hop was amazing I just can not stop talking about the good time that I had. I met some amazing local artist. So lets recognized some more local photographers. Art By : James Mazza
First we have James Mazza, he is a wonderful photographer, but he also takes it a step further and creates these wonderful photo colleges. They are simply beautiful and they take you past the obvious world in front of you. It opens your mind to possibilities that lie within a photography. Some really good stuff. The image above is one of his art pieces.

Adeleke Omitowoju is another really fabulous photographer that I met at the Gallery Hop. Some of his images look like paintings. You had to get really close to be sure that they were photographs. From his photos you can tell that he has traveled a lot. That's great! I would love the opportunity to travel and take photographs all around the world. Check out his work it's really a nice a look at a journalism style of shooting. He also has a clothing line too 3rd eye clothing line.

Photographed by : Adam VL Taylor

The other photographer I did not meet at the Gallery Hop but heard about his work through a coworker. I checked out his images on his my space page. The images are edgy and stylize and I think they are awesome. I wish I could I shoot like that. May be I will be inspired to try, but is his work is very very nice his name Adam VL Taylor. Check it out. Above is one of his images.
I saw an image from my co worker's photo shoot and I was really blown away.

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