Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Other Talented Photographers

Just surfing blogs like I usually do( I promise I am doing work) I found some not local, but really good photographers that inspired me. Being a photographer I really enjoy looking at other photographer's work to admire and get ideas and to be inspired. It's encouraging ! These women photographers below are phenomenal and I enjoy visiting there sites and admiring the art they produce. So with out further adieu
We have Sweet Monday Photography.

Sweet Monday is a team that consist of two best friends that love photography and people. There images are soft and beautiful. They capture the pure essence of the moment. I really enjoyed their images.We have Heather Waraksa Photography

Heather Waraksa is a photographer based out of Brooklyn, New York. I really like her journalistic style. It's really a fun and funky look through her eyes.

I think all photographers mention will travel , but I am not sure how far out of their area they would be willing to go. Check out the websites for more info

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