Tuesday, June 2, 2009

oh hummmm

Well today I am still recovering from celebrating Graduations all weekend long. I have so long forgotten how it feels to graduate from high school all the excitement your parents and love ones feel. I went a graduation on Friday at 7:oo that did not end until about 9:15. Didn't leave there until about 10:00 and then went to eat. Uhhh I really don't like eating that late ex specially if the food was so heavy. But I was hungry a little. Then some one at the party asked me if I was a vegetarian, because I had salad and mac and Cheese on my plate. I was like hey I wasn't finish. So I got some chicken, which was very good by the way. Then I told some one else what I could not eat I would eat in the morning and the same person asked me if I was watching my weight and eating late at night makes the food taste better. Just because I am short doesn't mean I am watching my weight. Ladies if you see someone smaller then yourself leave them alone about what they eat cause it makes you look self conscious. Just Do what you do. Well enough, this same graduation I wore one of my new creations which I will post when I get the chance.

The second graduation was on Saturday at the same time but we went home after that one, but I did wear another creation a high waisted skirt I have been working on and again will post later.
I made it out of denim. It fit pretty good but I think I need to use a stretcher denim.

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