Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh my! Look at that RING

Artist here. This one is a little strange but I like it a lot.

artist here This one is simple and beautiful.

I am always looking at wedding blogs. They are just an awesome source of information. It's more then just wedding stuff and of course love the photography and the photographers they blog about.
Now when ever I get married I will definitely use some of there ideas. Some couples are getting like fake rings and buying new ones later or being engaged with out a ring and just have bands.(My cousin and his wife did that) So I was like great that sounds like something right up my ally. But if my baby knows me like I think he will get me a different artistic engagement ring, like something from an local artist, or etsy or artfire. Since I don't really wear rings I don't want something crazy expensive the band is all I care about anyway. So here are some rings I saw on etsy ( not saying I want these just something to think about. )This one I like the colors and the chaotic elegance about it.
Artist here

Artist Here. I think this is just cool looking

I was also looking at zeals and he could just get me a promise ring I think I saw one for pretty decent price. He doesn't have to spend tons of money to let me know he wants me to be his wife it just have to be cool looking and doesn't have to be every one's idea of what a ring should look like. So here are the ones I like:
I think this ring is beautiful and not expensive .

This ring is pretty nice too and even less expensive.

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