Monday, June 8, 2009

Making Simplicity 3503

Erica B oh how I have been inspired. I see that she has made an awesome maxi dress using simplicity 3503. She looks great. I love this pattern because I made my cousin wife a dress from this pattern for their romantic getaway. She like it I even made a clutch to go with it but I forgot to photograph that as they forgot to photograph the moment she wore it. I must admit I could have done better job it was on of my first time working with that material and sewing clothes. This was my second outfit the worked out ok since I been in town. It was finished in April. So I think I have been getting better as I keep making clothes. Well that's how it goes.


  1. Very pretty! I am HOOKED on maxi dresses this season!

  2. I have to make another I love them. They are the bomb!

  3. Great dress! Fabulous choice of fabric!