Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gocco What ?

Of course I am reading blogs obsessively until the athletic events pick back up in August at my job( I am doing work I promise). Then I will be out of the office a lot being a photographer of course. Well anyways one of my new favorite blogs now ( It's a wedding blog, I just really enjoy reading them.) Well this one is called We met in a bar, she is getting married in July and she started her blog when she got engaged last year. Going through her old post are a joy. She is a graphic designer and makes invitations and has made her own for her wedding. Now to the point she mention some screens called Gocco, I have never heard of them. If I can describe it, they are consumer friendly screen prints. Now I have to try them. I am not sure how to decide it as this if you have ever done any screen printing you know the arduous task of coating a screen all the way to exposing. So if you are just going to print small stuff like paper goods and maybe totes and shirts this these Gocco screens are good for that you can use a laser printer to expose your screen and everything doesn't have to be light sensitive. I am sure there are some cons to this but I will have to try to let you know. So when I get some screens we are going to do some experiments. On We met at a bar she got her screens from papersource. These are pic from papersource of what the screens look like. Four eight two this one is for you girl. (I will still screen print) Here are some links to explain : How to use the Print Gocco the picture at the top shows the begining of the process. Gocco process

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