Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Without further ADIEU!

We were almost finished those outfits for the Christmas Contata. I think next time we will do it the way I normally make clothes. Cut everything, then iron and everything, and sew everything.
Don't they look beautiful. Great Job Cuz!
Good job Marcus ( I think that is his name) He is an awesome musician and he and some other musicians are starting a jazz club here in town. They will play on New Year's eve, unfortunately I will be in church, but next time.
Ok I am suppose to be working, but My cousin is having some fun with my camera

This past weekend was quite busy so let me recap. Well in a previous post I mention the outfits my cousin and I were making for the Christmas Cantata. So we finished of course and they look pretty good, despite all the stains, weird stitches and other issues. The Cantata was really nice and the girls were so happy to be made up and dancing.

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