Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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I have so much to blog about but was very upset on Friday because I accidentally deleted my whole blog list. I was HOT! I was mad at my self. I was trying to add a new blog to the list and then realized that I wanted to also follow and and just wanted to change right quick and WHAM BAM DELETE. Now what really burned me up was that there was no way to recover it. I looked it up and look it up and the only thing I found told me I have to rebuild the list. I now I was just annoyed. You mean to tell me you can find old emails some where in cyber land but I can not recover a list of about 20 blogs. Yeah I was so annoyed I was like let me go to wordpress because I could not send an email to anyone( or at least I could not find the email to send). So now I am over it now. So I will blog about the rest of the events of the weekend later. I hope all who are reading this are having a good day. Oh hey if you have anything like this ever happen to you leave me a comment and let me know

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