Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why is the Air Condition on in my Office?

Ok I have to blog about this. I work at one of the local Universities in Tallahassee. ( I will not name this university but if you have been keeping up with me you know where I work) Why in the world has the AIR CONDITIONER been on the since winter started. Can I tell you it has been below 30 at least two or three weeks and the heat has been on twice during this time. Oh not to mention the heat was on full blast on a unreasonably hot day. IT's winter time KEEP THE HEAT ON! So as I am writing this I am getting ticked off. My hands are cold and it's like no one wants to do anything about it. EVERYONE IS COLD! Tell me it doesn't suck walking up the hill in 30 degree weather only to arrive in the same cold conditions in your office and you force to sit there for at least 8 hours. You call and they act like you are complaining. This really annoys me I hope everyone else's office is warm.

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