Friday, December 11, 2009

Rachel Stewart Accessories!

Well I was on Black girl/Long Hair and notice this Ad on the side with this really beautiful women with these really beautiful earrings. So like the researcher I am I click on it and when to her blog and then discovered that she designs earrings. I love her blog and all the new assories that she makes. I love art and buying from artist. You have to support other artist exspecially when they are awesome at what they do. So anyway I brought some. I love them. So I suggest that you check out her blog also and look through her work. Here name is Rachel Stewart and click here to get to her link blog.
This package arrived almost a week ago. I don't want to show it yet until I give it to my friend for Christmas.( I am not sure when she looks at my blog I will show you her response when I give them to her.) Can't wait! Thanks Rachel!

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