Thursday, December 17, 2009


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I have a confession to make. I am excited to say that hey I am a BOOK JUNKIE! I have been one for quite some while. Let me explain. If I go to the Library, a friends house or and where and I see a book I think I am going to like, guess what I buy it, it's always a plus when I like the book( which is most of the time). So I often visit fellow SCAD Classmates blogs on the regular. It's cool to see how things are going for them without out actually talking to them everyday. ( Hey we are all busy now) It is also good to see them still doing there own projects and the cool jobs they have fall into. Now to my point. I was on Ameila's blog( you should check it out it's cool) and she had this post about a book about color and natural palettes and I love any information about natual dyes, colors, etc. So I went out and brought it the same day. I am in love with it not only is it cool I got it for like $8 and free shipping. So if anyone else would like to support my habit, I like fibers, natural dyes, photography, DIY, sewing and what ever else sounds like learning or yeah and Jesus (oops almost forgot, Forgive me:) )

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