Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's sew at Christmas

Ok So Christmas is approaching fast and if you know that most churches are on their way to putting on some type of Christmas program. Well my church is no different. Our Christmas Cantata is this Sunday. There will be singing, speeches, essays and inspirational dancing to hold you over for the entire Christmas season. Well my cousin's wife (now my cousin. Yea!) is over the dance team in our church and she wanted to get wraps for her and the girls to where for the Christmas Program. So I suggest sewing something instead of just wrapping fabric around their bodies. Nothing complicated just something to go over their leotard. So Craft project begins. First we went and found some fabric she liked( of course we went to Jo anns that is the only fabric have everything fabric store we have here) Then last night we did some mock ups and I showed her how to sew for the first time. Now let me mention we tried to do this on Monday and at the church and I forgot my petal.( silly me!) So now today Friday we are going to try to finish.

We liked this fabric too but had no use for it Yet!
Yeah it was appeal lining
She ended up buying the green and gold. She didn't want anything to Chrismasy because she wanted to be able to use it year round.
This is the fabric and color that she picked out.
Ok I had already gave her the demo and now I have her practicing. She learned really fast.
While she was practicing I started putting the mock up together with some muslin. Pretty nice If I do say so myself.
Oh this is the actual fabric mock up. I didn't finish it I was tired and went home but we are going to knock it out tonight. Fun!

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