Monday, August 9, 2010

Very Unique Designs by Veronique!

Ok so my little homie Just graduated from the Business program here at FAMU, With her masters. AWESOME !!!! Well she also has this beautiful natural hair, I do mean a lot of hair too. So she came up with this design for her hair stylist to make happen with her hair for her graduation . I love the design and the hair stylist executed the design perfectly. Veronique, my little homie also has a blog so you can check out other hair styles she designed on her blog, The Hair Journey.

Yes this was the day before Graduation, She is looking very Cute!! I love that Dress.
Ok here is her design, Sorry I don't remember the name of the salon or stylist so if you know Veronique leave a comment so I can show her some love. Ok She had her Two strand twist one side of her hair and then put the two strand twist into pin curls.
Then she had her braid one side back and over.
Beautiful Design
Then the Pincurls were pinnd up and the braids ran right into the curls.
Great JOB Veronique. Can't wait to see what you design for my hair. Oh yeah CONGRAT!


  1. I'm loving that black dress. So simple and elegant.

  2. Yes I was so in love with it my self.

  3. Can we find out where the dress came from too? lol

  4. Tasha I need to ask her again because some of her dresses she had made in China when she was on internship... lol and she designed them.