Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fix and Transform/ Birthday shirt

Yes I am starting to finish some projects that have been neglected for the past year. But this isn't one of them I will post those projects later. This is a Fix and transform. Some one had given me a shirt that their daughter put a hole in, it was her favorite shirt and she has had it for a long time, so I stitch the hole up( yeah that took like 10min) and the other areas where the seams were coming loose. Then I place a thermal iron on to hide the stitch.  I love fixing old clothes or finding use for things people no longer want to use, so this was right up my ally. Now she doesn't have to throw it away. Sweet!
Ok it was a hole at the elbow and a couple of the seams around the waist and arms were coming a loose
Hole is fixed and Hello Kitty has found a new home. Yea!!

So this same little girl had a birthday in July so I decided to make her a shirt for the new school year. Yep the same Thermal Iron on. They are great. Yes and she loves loves loves Hello Kitty.
I had to try it on to make sure it looks good.
Oh yeah before I forgot I had words on the shirt. Silly Janine Mirrors reverse.
Then I wrapped everything a fat quarter, she loves pink. I did stitch a hole close on her jacket too. It's inside there

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