Monday, August 9, 2010

Lizard the Protector

I hope I don't  make anybody squirm, but I had to put this up. We were driving to Jefferson County the Sunday before last and before we left i saw this lizard on the trunk of my car. So I ignored and we rode out. So we get a little ways down the road and I notice this super lizard ( that is what I am calling him)on my side mirrors. Thinking we are going pretty fast he will fall off soon. Nah Super lizard makes a jump on to the window on is just holding on really tight. It was suggested that we roll the window down. I was like nooooooooo way then super lizard would get in the car. Ewwwww!  So as we are driving he is climbing up the passenger side window and he moves to the backseat window. I was amazed he was still holding on. So when he gets to the top of the backseat side window, he does this mission impossible move and swings to the roof. Then we stop the car soon after and he was gone. I know he was ok, because he was super Lizard, I just wanted to know where he went. It was said maybe he was protecting the car. Ummmmm who knows. Well enough of this randomness thanks for entertaining my random thoughts.
 Goodbye Super Lizard, and thanks for the protection, I think , or you are welcome for the Free Car Ride

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