Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend Chef!!

cinnamon sugar. I made it
butter and marshmallows ummm yum
cinnamon sugar marshmallows
Soooooo I like ran out of chocolate and used some milk chocolate chips I had leftover from cookies I made. Hey it worked I think. I ate them and don't even remember which puff those chips were in.
Yeah I had never worked with dough before it was not sticking and then it got sticky what the heck. Oh Well you live and you learn.
Ok Ok some of them are kinda ugly but they were good I promise

Ok I got this one from my book
It was simple enough

This was so good. I shared with a coworker and her daughter now I think they are going to try and make this dish.

This weekend cooked! Yea! I followed a recipe from one of my cookbooks( It's a pasta book) I love pasta. Also I did a puff pastry s more. I got the recipe from cook teen's blog. It was awesome. I might use a different chocolate next time. I think I will try her other s more recipes too. All in all I think everything came out well. Ok Ok it may not have looked pretty but it taste pretty good. Ahhhhhhhh next cinnamon rolls from bakerella's blog which she got out of pioneer women cook book.

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