Friday, April 30, 2010

Let's get into some Art!!!

For the last day of April 2010 I have decided to post some links of some wonderful artist that I have found and/or love to talk about, of course mostly photography but a few other tight artist check them out.
These photographers are married and I was completely blown away by there creativity and compositions. I found them through Ms. Tasha Prescott who I talk about later on. I love there work. I would love to meet them one day. Charles MediaThis is one of my college friends and she is soooooo talented. She is a graphic Artist with her own company and a writer. She was just on a radio show that you can hear online I made a post about it earlier you can go here. She also has a book coming out soon called the Diva Diaries. I cannot wait!!!!!! Diva Diaries Blog/ Isryl Design/ Isryl Design Blog
This is one of my college classmates and he is a wonderful artist. I just brought two shirts from him. He does photography and paints. Jones Design Lab/ Shuttered Edge/Canvashybrid

This wonderful artist makes some of the jewelry I wear. I found her on Black girl with long hair( I would link this but I am having trouble get to their site on my mac I am not sure what's up I can get to it at home.) I loved here jewelry so much I just contacted her and the rest is art history. She does other types of Art also she is a wonderful painter. She is a great person and artist. Rachel Stewart jewelry / Rachel Stewart Art/ Rachel Stewart Blog
I actually found this women on a blog, Charles media They make clay jewelery and chunky jewelery and found art that is ready to wear. I haven't ordered anything but I am about too!!!! Can't wait UKC Jewelry
As I was on the hunt looking for information on Liberia I found this fashion designer from Liberia Africa. I really like how she is puts her style together. I don't know a lot about her and have never met her or came in contact with her, but really enjoy looking at her work. House of Leevean
This photographer is the boyfriend of Ms. Rachel Stewart and an all out excellent photographer. I have not met him, but I visit his website and blog for inspiration. My friend want to me to photographer and sent me this picture of what she wanted and lo an behold it was an image form creative silence. Crazy Right!!! I was like I know exactly who that is. Creative Silence

Last but surly not least. This is an awesome photographer. Here name Is Tasha Prescott. I found her from a FLY GIRL BLOG and then as God would have it I saw a photograph of her on Creative Silence's Facebook page and was like she look familiar and nearly freaked out because I had just went to her blog maybe only days before. She is awesome and has a book coming out called Essence of a Women, It's going to be images of all these different women and they are wonderful images she post some of them on here site and on her facebook page. If you would like to participate just go to her website and contact her. BeU Photography

Well that's all for now but these are some great artist for those I know can't wait to see ya again and for those I don't know and haven't met, I hope to meet you someday and even work with you and for those I know yep thanks for sharing and can't wait to get some more art.

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