Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools Janine!!!!!!

Ok This Guy, Marc. My Buddy for like 13 or 14 years decided he was going to play an April fools joke on yours truly. Now I think he gets me like every year too. Then he laughs his head off cause he know I am going to get super mad and I did like always. Then he waits for me to calm down and laughs and say just admit it "I got you" This is how it went down:

We work together right.... It was the end of Day yesterday, I say it was about 4:50 or so maybe 5:00 and he was helping a student with her website. Earlier he had asked for my hard drive ( really don't know what he needed for, but I let him hold it we do things like that) So I walk in his office( It's like 3 other people that work in the same office area) to talk to someone else that work in there and I asked him if he was finished with my hard drive and he was like sure. Then the joke begins:
Marc :"Janine hold up let me put your stuff back on your hard drive"
Janine : Huh
Marc: Yeah I have a folder on my computer with all your stuff in it.
Janine: Why
Marc: Well I had to take it off so I can use it. Where else do you have this save.
Janine: No where. You know that.
Marc: Are you serious. Why didn't you put it on the computer at the house.
Janine: You know why it would use up too much room on the computer. Why would you take stuff off of my hard drive and not tell me
Marc: sigh Now I have to go searching for the folder some where in my computer because it's not where I put it.

I am taking a break here, because I am starting to get mad. Now I know what you are thinking why didn't I just check the drive right, well he still was holding why I was talking so I wasn't think about it until I got it back and by then I was really pissed off. Oh yeah the student was still sitting there confused. So back to the story

Janine: What! Why didn't you tell me I would have just save the stuff on my computer instead. Why didn't you just say something. ( I am getting really mad now)

Marc: Ahhhhh I can't talk to you right now I don't need this Janine I am not talking about this with you right now.

Janine : What ! you can't talk to me. OH ok I am about to go

I went back to desk and started shutting down all my stuff. All the while he is like calling my name. I am not answering him I am hot too. I am so hot!!!! I didn't check my hard drive, but I was not mad about that I was mad that he told me he could not talk to me right now in front of like the 4 or 5 people. I was like who do you think you are you are going to delete my stuff and then embarrass me in front of a bunch of guys.

So I hear him calling my name. I am like what ever. I also here him tell the makings of a good April fools joke.

Marc: You have to get the person to a height of anxiety so that they think what you are saying is real. Then that makes a good April fools gag.

Ok Ok ok after I calmed down I told him it was a good joke.

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