Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh the joy of Cinnamon Rolls!

yep this is how dough begins. Who would have thought it!
Yep it was really hot and I had to wait almost an hour to but the yeast in.
Dough and now we wait. I let it rise like 2 times and made the rolls the following day. I did this on Friday and baked them Saturday Night.
Wrong order but this is after I rolled the dough with the cinnamon and sugar inside
rolling the dough
yummy rolls
Yummy icing I kinda did use the maple flavoring I just used vanilla extract. Side note I did use almond extract too but it didn't work out.. I split the icing up and added vanilla to one and almond to the other. The almond was too strong and it tasted weird so vanilla it is.

Ok SO I MADE CINNAMON ROLLS FROM SCRATCH!!!!!!!! They turned out great and everyone loved them. Bonus!!! I changed it a little but not too much. Ok I saw the recipe on Bakeralla, but she got it from Pioneer Women.


  1. mmmmmmm!!!!. they look so good. I CANNOT wait to try that recipe. I love pastrys