Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fantastic Weekend!!!!!!!

Yep I am chillin at the orange and green game.

My Grandma grew these flowers in her yard. I think they are very pretty.
These oranges were cold and delish!!!!

What an awesome Game!
Lady Rattler Victory!!!!

So on Saturday I woke my self up and got ready to attend the game day on campus. There was a Softball game at 12:00pm a tennis match at 2:00pm and the orange and green game at 5:00pm.
The Softball team played Winston Salem. We won of course. I was too tired to go to the tennis game, I went to my grandma 's house instead and hung out with my aunt for a little while. Then I went to the orange and green game. Well needless to say I was very tired that day and then I started doing my two strand twist at about 10:00pm and didn't finish until about 2:00 that morning. I was so tired in church that day yes I did take a nap later.

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