Monday, April 5, 2010

Ohh How I love First Fridays

Oh yeah Veronique was there. I love her afro.
This was cool, but very weird.

What Marc did you say something?
This was all the trash they found outside the day before Ummmmm it disturbing that it was that much on the ground.
Why does Gabby have on shades I don't know.
Me and the Girls
We are trying to find the bear?

I don't remember the band but they were pretty good.
She is trying to see the graphite up close. It was a very well done illustration.

What a fabulous weekend I had. I think I will do it in parts. First Friday was upon us. It looked like I was going on this journey alone until Marc scooped up his nieces and nephew and brought them out to First Friday. We always go so it was fun as usual. Let's see we went out there and saw some great works by some of the students at FSU(Florida State University) Ok because I didn't have a pen I am going off of memory. There were some great sketches by a Peter Keoning and some wonderful abstract art by a joyden, ummmmmm and some really cool paintings. The paintings looked like color just place together to make a scene, When you stood back you could see what the scene was a lot clear. The youngest niece won a print the oldest niece got a dress and some cool shoes at the vintage shop and I got a clip and some earrings. I say all in all it was pretty good time.

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