Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twisting Natural Hair

Ok this my first attempt in taking care of my natural hair. I am trying to style it my self and this is okay so I need hair style help. Last night I put big two strand twist all over my head and a applied leave in conditioner to them before I twisted them. I put the satin bonnet on my head. ( this is the first time I have ever really worn one to sleep. It was quite nice) So I woke up and unlose the twist and... I am not sure. My hair has a hard time holding girls, but I see some very strong ones but its so black that you can not tell. At least that is what it looks like. So I have been researching for how to do it better. So some one told me styling gel works for their hair( Echo Styling Gel with olive oil).
So I am going to try again. I am also trying to run grow the color out of my hair I want to start doing henna dyes instead, I figure I already Dye clothes with it why not hair. Stay tuned...

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