Monday, March 15, 2010

Date Weekend

Oooooo these were gooood nice donut pillows dipped in chocolate.

I love these Glasses
I was so full.
The slaw on the volcano roll is delish.

I treated my self so good this weekend.I took myself out on like two dates. I am great company! Well I have been craving sushi since we had some about 3 or 4 weeks ago so I took the opportunity to return to Masa and enjoy the shrimp tempra and the volcano rolls. UMMMMMMMM it was so good. I went to MASA on Saturday and Olive Garden on Sunday. I had a chicken scampi. I didn't really taste the "SCAMPI" in the dish but it was good. So with another date weekend complete. I wonder where I will take myself next.


  1. OH MY GOD!!!! That food looks so good and I love the idea of date night solo. So fly :)

  2. The food was awesome. Why not treat myself good. Beyonce said it right when she said " Me My Self and I that's all have in the end.... from now own I am going to be my own bestfriend" oh yeah you know jesus was there too...hehehe