Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More adventures in Natural Hair!!!

Yeah I am continuing on my hair journey. Exploring new styles( at least new to me) and ways to keep it healthy. Last weekend I took the time to moisturize and comb, Yes comb and brush my hair. I have not done that in over 5 years. My hair is really soft though so it wasn't hard to do. Well onward...

Hey this is me after my second date with myself. Yes I was rocking the head band so hard.
Here is it all picked out after church I though it was nice and look it was much longer then I though.
Ok Saturday after I took myself out I decided to do a Bantu knot twist out for church. So I woke up took out the twist and baM here I am, but I did not think that it looked that good so I picked it out, but here it is.

Yes I comb and brushed my hair and my forehead is really greasy for all that Shea butter and coconut oil.

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