Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twisting Natural Hair Woes

Ok see how it's all spaced out. The twist look good though.

I think after this attempt I am going to stop counting. Well last night I washed my hair. I had gel in in so I could get really nice tight curls in my hair, but I like the way it looks but it feels hard and gross so I decided to try some miss jessie products to achieve this tight curls with out my hair looking a hot mess. But until it arrive I have tried something in else in the mean time and it feels great. Mind you I have only tried it on night but my hair was moisturized in the morning and is so soft. This how it happen. I was talking to one of my little homies about what would be a good product to hold my twist in place at night. I told her I used twist n lock. Yeah I had dreads so I have a lot of it left so hey why not... so anyway she mentioned using some leaving in conditioner foaming products. So as I was leaving church last night I stopped by cvs in a desparated need of some natural hair products, I knew this was a long shot but I also need something to drink. First I went found paul mitchell foaming promade. I used it before and I loved it so I picked it up but it was a little bottle and it was like $14.99. Ummmmmm let's keep looking I thought. I was like is there a dudley or a motions product anywhere in here. I found the motions but not the product that I needed and as I was about to give up I looked down the row and I saw something that said Organic Root Simulator smooth and hold pudding. ( Interesting I though , Ms. Jessie has pudding Ummmmm) I picked it up and looked at how much it cost and it was $5.99 BINGO.

I have not been having much cute hair success with the twist yet and it's a little frustrating. I have this supper soft hair which if i don't do it right the curl will straighten it's self out and it looks like I never curled it at all and it looks like I woke up and decided to do nothing to my hair. So last night I put this stuff on, it smells awesome by the way, and woke up untwisted and I still think my parting is wrong because my a hair is still not full and it looks crazy,not in a good way. It also looks like I have a bald spot or something much worse and it's not the case. Well the curls look ok not the way I would like but some of my hair has already strengthen out. *sigh*

Well I do not give up that easy. Will try something again tonight. I was on and found some video tutorials that might help. To be continued...

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