Monday, March 22, 2010

Sucessful Twist Out

I think the back looks good. Just think I should make the twist smaller and closer together.
Can you see the happy in my face. Umm I think my face is little oily though.

Yea!!!!!!!!! I had a successful twist out. After watching several YouTube videos and reading like crazy I finally got it. In the previous post my hair was in two strand twist. On Sunday before church I began my twist out and I thought it look great. Considering the last 4 times I tried it look a hot mess. I think when I will make it smaller. Ummmm I think I will not have the part in the middle, I never really liked it. I think it makes my face look strange, but that is just me. Oh yeah I will be separating them each day. So hopefully it gets bigger each day.


  1. yes I can see the happy in your face! your hair looks really good and the color definantly adds a lil something :)