Monday, June 21, 2010

Yes I hear you Lord!

I do believe God is tell me something. So check this out. I woke up this morning and usually I have it on WGN because I like to hear some preaching in the morning when i get dressed. So ok here is the schedule
6:00am something ( Sorry I don't remember)
6:30 am Joyce Myers, I love listening to her, she is honest and speaks from her own life and shows how God changed it, using scriptures and everyday applications of the word. Applying the word to your daily life..
7:00am Creflo, I used to feel weird about him but now he speaks wisdom to my ears. ( Thanks Jesus for maturing)
7:30 Kenneth Copeland / Joyce Myers, I toggle between both because they are on different channels and usually it's about time for me to leave the house by then.

So on Joyce Myers program today she spoke about obedience and I think Creflo did too. I know I heard two messages on it before I left the house today. Then christnotes's daily scripture to me today was Obedience.

I just realized that my obedience will effect people and if God is telling me something I better do it because it's not about me. Other people are depending on me to make it, make it through so they can do the same. I want to leave or insert success and encouragement in their lives, I don't want to destroy there life or insert pain, and hurt on the account of me not being obedient.

As I think about it, It's heavy. IT's not about me.


  1. Great post! As the Bible says (I can't recall right off the bat) but "Obedience is better than sacrifice". You're so right when you say you don't want your disobedience to negatively impact others. I think sometimes we forget that. I understand why it's so important to continuously "die to self". Jesus gave himself for the sake of others and urges us to do the same. BTW--- I absolutely love Joyce Meyers. I listen to her podcasts on my IPOD all of the time!

  2. Victoria I love her too and I also listen to her POD Cast quite often.Yes I am working on being obedient, even in some uncomfortable situations. :)