Monday, June 14, 2010

Last Weekend!!!!!

and let the 7-on-7 games begin
Gentlemen and Tenise
ladies!!!! Class of 2000

This Weekend was crazy. Now at work we started this 4-day work week and it begin on last Friday, sooooo I was off last Friday. Whoooo! Well, I know it sounds great, Right 4 days of work and off on Friday, ummmmm well if I am not mistaken now we work 10 hour days and take 30 min lunches and we have to come in earlier then usual... Well enough of that...on to the weekend. Ok Saturday was a looooooong day. I was at a 7-on-7 Tournament from about 8am-6pm, not to mention I was up at 5am prepping and making sure the staff knew where to meet. That was fun, and Marc had the 4Q tent tricked out with Internet, cooler with gator aid and water, and air conditioning. A+ for Marc for preparations. Well after that I got so discolored, It' s looking pretty bad right now I might need to wear a halter and sit in the sun for like an hour to get even again. Anyway after that I had to rush home to get ready for the class of 2000 Rickards Class Reunion. Man 10 years go by fast. ( Oh by the way I graduated in 2001, hehehhe I was the photographer) I saw some people I really haven't seen in 10 years. I had a blast. I was there until like 11:30pm and then I had to wake myself up and go to church in the morning. I started not to go, but GOD wasn't having that, I didn't go to sleep until around 1:30am or so and service starts at 8:00am. So I woke up at 7 all refreshed and what not I was like ok ok . But like always it was great!
Church Does a soul Good!

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