Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thoughts of Randomness

Image on the Quilting Patch Website
You know what I am so missing the That's sew Live blog. Mrs. Lovely where are you. I enjoyed your explorations in sewing and a peak in to your life. I thought you were so live. I told other about your blog and how much info you had and how you and EricaB have inspired me to keep sewing even though I am an advance beginning( words quoted from Mrs. Lovely) If you are out their come back. I need my sewing blogs. Hope the baby is bringing you unspeakable joy. Erica B don't leave ok( that is another one of my favorites).
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My buddy has just moved from Savannah, GA to Charlotte, NC( Ahhhhhhh my dream city)and we are playing the longest game of phone tag. I miss here maybe I will catch her tonight. If she finds this blog. Love Yaimage from here

I live in Tallahassee and love sewing now so when I was in Savannah there were plenty of place to get all types of fabric, notions and other assosories. In Tallahassee Jo Anns is the only place to get all of that. There are other places but they are small and don't sell things like zippers and different types of Fabrics. So it's really frustrating when I need something like a brown 12-14in zipper and can not find one in this whole town. Now Jo Ann is really stepping up with selling fabrics like Stretch Cotton Sateen, but I really just want a zipper in the color that I need when I need it. UHHHHHHHHHHHHH I do like the Berinia Connection, because they have emboridery machines and amy butler fabric( ooooooooh I love amy butler fabric). I enjoy the quilting patch because they have a good quality selection of cotton fabrics so does the bernia store, but there selection is limited. It's an upolistry store call Decortive Tallahassee and you know they have mostly heavy weight cottons. Where is a handcock fabric store when you need one. I guess I will be ordering the little stuff online now.

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