Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh and Those Photographers

I love just looking at wedding photography. Being a photographer myself I just love love love excellent photography. I love looking on to one of my favorite blogs, Style me pretty, I actually found the blog through my friends blog lovey dovey design. Style me pretty has everything wedding and it helps me find photographers in other cities and states that I would not other wise know about . I Love Photography and love looking at good photographers so here are some that I have found that I just enjoy looking at their work.
Christopher Record is a photographer I found today and I am taken back with the images he produces. ( This logo is from his site) They are simply breath taken. I will put him on the list of the wedding photographers that I think are absolutely talented.

Russell Martin Photography Russell Martin Also has some beautiful images I found this his site from the wedding project.com and I was glad I found him. He is in Florida and I like finding local (state) photographers.

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  1. the photography is absolutely gorgeous!!!