Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Pastor!

Sorry for the pics I didn't photograph it at home.

Sunday was my pastors B-Day and it was requested for everyone to bring a card and if they wanted to to put something in it. So i was like awesome I can do that, mind you they said this for like two weeks. Saturday was a huge day for me. I shot a wedding and I had not shot one since like 07' so I was a little nerves, but the couple and their families were amazing! My second shooter was amazing! The videographer was amazing! So i guess you get it....hahahhaha it was amazing! So I was so tired Saturday I went home and crashed. Sunday arrives and I hear my alarm at 5am, now I was suppose to get up and make this card but I went right back to sleep until 7am. Shame Shame Shame I know. Church starts at 8am! So I got up, slowly I might add, took a shower and fix myself right and about time I was done with that, it was 8am. I had a decision to make leave now or make this card. If i didn't' make it then I knew it was done for, it wasn't getting made. So my pastor is awesome so I decide to make it! To make a long story short I was 40mins late for church, but I promise I didn't miss a thing. Service was awesome as usually!

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