Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hair Time

Ummmm where do I begin ummmmmm. I guess I will start with my hair. So my hair is growing back more rapidly then I expected. Go Figure! No No this is a good thing. I have been asked by many if I am going to cut my hair off again and I usually answer if I feel like it. So a couple of reasons I have not cut my hair again:

1. I am just lazy. I really don't feel like going to the barber to get my hair cut every two weeks. Marlon is cool it's just I get bored with it.
2. People will stop grabbing my head, it's weird when I was bold ( well kinda bald) people could not refrain from grabbing or messaging or squeezing my head. Yes it was that creepy. The main reason " You have the perfect head for it. I have to touch it" I shake my head and say no but no means nothing to these people. Since I have let it grow out I have not had this problem anymore.
3. I want some COLOR. you can color a bald head but to me it would be pointless.
4. I like that i could twist my hair. I get bored with wearing my afro and when i had no hair but I could wear twist for a year if I could and not get tired of it.

Well now I am bored with this afro, I have waited patiently for growth so I can twist them again. I have been wearing these head covers lately so now it's time for the hair styles whoohooo.

1 comment:

  1. You look really cute in that hat. That color suits you well!

    TIB :)