Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Tuesday!!!

So What a productive Tuesday! I accomplished everything on my list. This is a rare feat for me. I visited my dear friend and teacher and that made me feel 10 times happier and motivated after talking with her. She sent me like loads of Fiber art information. Oooooooo I am so excited and Fiber Crunk now.

I am in my car before going to see Caurca
So the Sail Fibers Class had this Donated to them. Awesome! Also they grow cotton in the back of the school! They are make some nice yarn.

This was a mural outside the class room.
Later on that night I went to a Godby High Game. My old high school plays my other old middle school( it's a K-12 School so Godby is playing FAMU High not middle)
Old Classmate and she is coaching at FAMU High.

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  1. Look at Diane Get it old school Bond Elementary right there....J9 loving the braids!