Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goodbye 2010/Well hellooooooo 2011

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Yes hello 2011. I can say I feel much better in 2011. When I went into 2010 I was feeling beat down and things just were not going well at all. Now in 2011 I feel great and am ready for opportunities and carving paths. I attribute this attitude to the lessons I learned and the people I met in 2010. So reflection time.

Lesson 1: *You can choose to be or not to be* I will explain. A lot of times I just get very overwhelmed with my own emotions ( I am a very emotional person). I allow them to over take me and I began to respond according to my feelings. What I realized after much prayer and meditating, is that I can choose weather I want to take on an emotion. So if I start getting angry, because we are human we do get angry, I can choose if I want to stay angry. This is burden lifting for me. I can choose not to be mad. So just because something happens to me that i don't like I don't have to mad, angry, upset or bitter about it I can make a hard decision to not give into my feelings and tell myself we will not be over taken by these negative feelings.

Lesson 2: * The story doesn't always end up the way you expect it too, accept it and adjust* We have ( or I have) a drawn out plan of how things are suppose to be. Last year when I say ever kinda a plan got smashed to pieces. Now I was very disappointed and mad, but what i realized( as time went on) is that how you adjust to a change in plan or a totally new direction builds character. I would like to know for being able to adjust to the unthinkable and the unexpected rather then anytime something doesn't go my way I freak out.

Lesson 3: * Just because you mess up or make a bad decision it is not the end* Yes I make mistakes and sometimes it looks like that would be the mistake that would do me in, but God. Yes But God. All through 2010 I felt like I was going to pay for some decisions I made and had to learn that I can still accomplish the goal it's just I would have to take another way because I have reached a dead end or totally destroyed the path I was traveling on. Some time the journey takes longer because of something we have done, but God makes sure we get to the goal that he originally wanted accomplished.

Now 2010 introduce me to some brand new people that made some impact on me and I am so honored to have had the experience of their company and time.

Ms. Kim: I think I met Ms. Kim in July. She is amazing! She runs this after school program for young girls and exposes them to all kinds of things. Cultural, Fashion, Traveling, Spas Dances, Mother/Daughter talks, Father/ Daughter Fun, and then she tutors them and makes sure they get their homework done and she teaches them new subjects in the process. Now I don't even think I am doing her justice with the descriptions at the top. I talk with her as often as I can. She use to run a business and do graphics crafts, anything you name it. I love just talking with her, she inspires me with ever conversation I have with her. This is one person that I am glad to have the honor of knowing.

Ms. Tasha: So Meeting ms. Tasha has kept me a little more interested in Facebook, only because that is where I met her. I have been inspired ever since. She is passionate and hard working. I really enjoy our conversations and just like Ms. Kim she is an awesome women of God. She is really funny and very photogenic. Oh not to mention a great photographer, I have learn more from her then she would ever know.

2010 Thanks for the lessons! Well let's get started 2011 !

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