Monday, September 27, 2010

EARRing Love

These are from Rachel stewart. These are bleached feather earrings I just love these
These are the special little gifts she puts in some of her deliveries. Can I say they are great I get lots of complements on the little gifts. Thanks Rachel.
Oh and the break out star Tasha Prescott collection .

So I have ordered earrings from Rachel Stewart before and you know I just love her stuff. WhooooHoooo I got some more of her fabulous jewelery. Now I have a new artist that I also like, She is a photographer I think I have written about her some where on my blog., but she has collaborated with this awesome artist to make a collection of earrings. Her name is Tasha Prescott. Ooooooo Joy! You don't know how excited I got when I got Tasha's package and then the next day Rachel's arrive I almost jumped out of my skin.

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