Thursday, September 16, 2010


Me and my Fly girl necklace and my shirt from paris and my pzi jeans and my favorite earrings my home girl gave me. Yes I had a good time
Here is the birthday girl looking Fly
This is the one that made me laugh and blush. It's way to vulgar to post the video :) sorry you will have to use your imagination. I was sooooooo not ready for this either.

Yes I know this is late, but hey.... it's my blog heheheh. My home girls' birthday was like 2 weeks ago and even though it was the first start of the season I tried to do as much stuff with her as possible. She celebrated Thurday Friday and Saturday. I was only able to make it Thurday( her birthday was Friday, Bad Friend I know I know) So we went to Aman Ra's on Thursday for Spoken word. It was awesome. Even though some of the poetry made me blush a little I was still diggin it! Will have to go back again. Maybe I will get up and speak.... ummmm

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