Monday, September 27, 2010

Dare To Dream Fashion Workshop

So of course a friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful afterschool program for Girls. It's called Dare to Dream academy for Girls. The Age ranges are from 5-16. This is an awesome place where younger girls can get mentored, tutored, pick up skills and be exposed to everything imaginable about being a girl. High on education and exposing young girls to different cultures, people places and things. Wonderful place! This non-profit organization is ran by Mrs. Kimoyln Ferrell. She is awesome! She is smart and full of so many ideas, I am not sure how she does it all. She has given me an opportunity to share my talents in the Fiber Arts. I am elated that she thinks I would be a help to her. She is helping me out. It is a Fashion Class on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. So I do a workshop on what every my mind can think of and those that know me it 's alot. So I did my first workshop 2 Saturdays ago( I know late post sorry) I had them do some Tye-Dyeing and screen printing. I must say I was quite impressed. These girls were talented and caught on a lot faster then I thought and I think they enjoyed themselves. I hope they learned something. I learned from them what i could do better next time but a working progress for me. Thanks Kim!

Yes I though this was great good job Andika
Keke awesome job
I had them do some painting and submersion to give them some range of design and so it would look like something they would want to wear.
We also did some screen printing Techniques with stencils. We also had some puff paint. The girls did a great job.
Oh yes I worked right along with them. I think they were excited because I was so excited.
Alexandria and Bird were working away but there parents came so they could not finish, but a great job non the less
The beatiful creations of Jasmine and Chloe
Get it girls!Yes I have been rocking my shirt like nobody's business!

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