Thursday, October 22, 2009

Natural Dyeing Relationship

Ok So since I have Graduated from SCAD I have not been very nice to my lover"Natural Dyeing".I have been promising to rekindle our love, but haven't found the time or the SPACE to start dyeing again. I am really missing the lab and the countless hours of experimenting and dyeing and producing natural dyed goodies to sell and give as gifts. So I hope not to keep neglecting my love, but all I can say is that I am trying. Until then I watch other people's relationship with natural dyeing grow and see what mine could be like later. So check out these relationships.( I have been following them for a while)Ok this is Tinctoria, I have been following them since 07'. They Use natural dyes and they dye hemp and they are located in Portland,OR. I really love they the rich colors that they can achieve on the hemp. Just Beautiful. I love how the website has changed it looks really good. One day I will buy something. But check it out!

Ok this is Tenfold,I found them around the same time I found tinctoria. I was researching natural dyes and different materials that I could dye. Cotton was my main one. So I stumbled up these wonderful people. They Dye Cotton, they sell fabric( naturally dyed of course) clothing and the dyes themselves. They are located in Seattle Washington. Again one day I will buy something from them also. I just love how there website has change and how much they have grown it's great. So check them out also.

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