Monday, October 26, 2009

FAMU HOMECOMING 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo: Reid Compton, Tallahassee Democrat FAMU Fashion Show. Images located here.
Photo. Mike Ewen Tallahassee, Democrat Image located here.
Photographer: Mike Ewen Tallahassee Democrat. Image located here

These images were taken by Ried Compton from the Tallahassee Democrat. His images are located here.

These images were taken by Elliot McCaskill and are on SGA Concert

For those of you that are not familiar with FAMU(a.k.a Florida A&M University) Homecoming, I am going to tell you it's a week long event and the city is ours for the taking. We have vendors from all around selling everything from FAMU T-Shirts to shea butter. ( I got some raw shea butter for like $5 yea!) and there are events all week, Greek and Dorm step show, a concert gospel and rap and a tone of other things. Now being I am an alumni I do sometimes participate in some of the events, but for the past two homecomings I have had to work. Bummer! But I did get a shirt. I love it and now it's over and I can get some rest. But you my friends can enjoy the funnnnn! Check out the links and pics. Enjoy I am going to sleep now. All images are located on


  1. looked like lots of fun even though you worked it :)


  2. Looks like a great time. I LOVE FAMU!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey, how about cup noodles?
    I found many different flavors here