Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday was a good Day!

This Banner was huge! Thanks Lee!
BIONAR friends. It's true college friends are your friends for life.
Me and Dr. Netta again
My cousin on her b-day Happy Birthday Simone!

I was finally like those smart people that bring an umbrella to shield you from the sun when you forgot to put on sunblock. Man it was hot!

Hello May! Well May has started out pretty good! Saturday ( yes this was April 30th not may) my home girl walked across the stage as a PhD Dr. Scott. ( I hope that is the correct way of saying it, lol if not leave me a comment correcting it please) We had a great time at her graduation party and her family was so proud of her. I can not wait to see what's to come. Then of course Sunday was, what else Church! The message like always was on point. " The point of no return". So Sunday also happen to be my cousin's b-day so about 2:30 I went to check her out at a softball game. Who knew she was in a league. I want to play! Well it was super hot out there but very relaxing. What a way to start a new month. Sunday was a good day.

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