Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Fruit Slush

Sooooo last Saturday was the longest day ever. I had to shoot a invitational track meet by myself, I am still going through the footage. Anyway, after the meet I was in the mood for a real fruit slush at Sonic's, how much real fruit is used was not my concern hahhahah, It's about 8pm I pull up to a little station and was like SWEET it's like a few cars I should get this in no time and get home to relax. Wrong so I press the button and waited like 5 min, no answer, not even a hold on or I will get to you in a like a second. Then after another minute passed I back out and move to another station, same thing. What in the world, we are just ignoring customers now. I was really wanted that Fruit slushy. Thanks Sonics for not aiding me in relaxing after a long day on my feet, I had to settle for a vanilla coke.

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