Monday, July 12, 2010

My Trip to Paris

So Much to say. I went to Paris France for almost two weeks. My aunt wanted to take my sister and I, along with my best homie out of the country for my little sister's birthday. I had a great time. I just looooooooove my little sis. Well some much to say.... I think I will let the pics tell the story.

This is the Eiffel tower, of course. I took this picture when we were on the hop on hop off bus. This is a double decker bus that tours Paris, It's like a two hour tour. It stops near various places and you can get on and off. It comes like ever 10 mins. Sweet!
This is me in the louvre. Score! I love this museum. I am next to these porcelin plates that were hand painted.
This is just one part of napolian apartment. It was soooooo big and beautiful.

Yeah, Fibers. Tapestry

Yes That painting is really that big. I felt bad for not remembering all of my art history. I did recall seeing some of the paintings in my art history books.

FAMOUS Painting! Who I have seen it several times and use to know who it was .
Mona Lisa and Janine.

Our lunch at the Eiffel tower. We also ate there for my sister's b-day. Maybe Rome next year for your day sis. ummmmmmmm think about it.


  1. Im so jealous!!! Glad u had a great time!


  2. Thanks Girl!!! ummmmmmm Where are we going .... ummmmmm

  3. Glad you had a good time. I cannot wait to be blessed with the opportunity to go to Paris. Thanks for sharing the pics too!

  4. Great pics! Glad you had a great time!

  5. Adrienne Thanks Girl!!!! I am so crazy I have about a million pics of the Eiffel Tower like it's going to look different in each